Band Nerds kick butt!


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About our band

One band.........One sound.......One team!

There are many wonderful things about our band i could never or would never try to name them for fear of missing one. We're not the beast in the world but i thihk we're pretty dang close! Since i am a freshmen i don't really know alot of the ppl but mostof them are really awsome!

Our Section Leaders

Our section leaders kick butt! they are awsome and dedicated! I will try to have a picture of them up for section leader of the month but i don't think they will want there picture up so i dunno. I will still write stuff about them though.

Section leader of the month for august/september

lol this is awsome

This months section leader is..................libby! the clarinet section leader most likely cuz i am a clarinet but still. I am sorry but a picture of her is not avaliable at this time but she is awsome she is a great player and a wonderful section leader........CONGRATS LIBBY!!!

About Our Directors And Drum Majors
    Our main director is Gino Hernandez or Mr. Hernandez. But we call him Chief or H. JUts stupid lil nick names but Mr. Hernandez is kinda long and H or Chief isn't haha.
   Our assistant directour is Mr. Sauie (i don't think i spelt that right) he teaches at south (the campus for 9th graders if you failed the audition if you didn't then you get bussed over to the north campus for 5th hour) he's really cool.
    Our Drum Major is Amber Shupe. We call he Shupester. She's totally awsome.She plays the trombone aka boner and she's really really good!
    Our assistant Drum Major is Jennifer Wolf. She's also very very cool.
She plays the clarinet and is also really good.
   Thats about all for now.