Band Nerds kick butt!


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About Me
Hey i am new at this web making thing but i hope to get good at it. This page is going to be totally dedicated to band. Cuz band is just cool. So if you don't like it i'm sorry, but if you do keep checking back i'll try to up date it often but yeah. later!  I am currently tryng to add a fourm and a guest book so don't give up on me yet!! If i can't get the guest book up you can just e-mail me and tell me what you think of it and i'll put your comments on the web site!!

About Me
 I am 14 years old.  I totally love band yes i eat, sleep, drink and do what ever else involves band. i play clarinet for marching band cuz i'm just like that and i play bass clarinet for concert band cuz its awsome! i have made it to regionals for 2 years(in a row) 7th and 8th and i am hoping to make it iin 9th cuz that would be so cool!Oh thanks you Ms.P-H for being an awsome band director for 4 years and a great person I am really gunna miss you!!I couldn't have done it without you!Hi to all my friends that read this and if your not my friend and i don't know you thats awsome cuz it means your a true band nerd congratulations but still thats kinda scary.


This is a picture of well us. We are thee bananas. We kick but! We are called the banana's for one simple reason we are lol no because our uniforms for marching band are yellow and navy blue so it is said that we look like bananas when we march around. cool huh 

Woodwinds kick brass!!!!!