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Bassoon Jokes

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this is awsome!

This page's song is zuit suit riot by the brian stezer orchestra

Why did the bassoonist go around telling stupid jokes?
    I don't know; you tell me.
How do you get a bassoonist to play softer?
    You can't.
Why don't bassoonists ever catch colds?
    They're too slow.
Why are there so few bassoon jokes?
    None of the other instrumentalists are smart enough to think of any.

Top ten reasons to play bassoon:
    10. Sightreading is so much easier.
    9. You can play as loud as you want; nobody hears you anyway.
    8. Tons of solos.
    7. Hanging out with the bass clarinetist. ( heck yeah!)
    6. There's so little competition.
    5. It's an excellent excuse to get out of marching band.
    4. It's easier to tongue than on a flute.
    3. That pleasant "new reed" feeling.
    2. Showing up the trombones.
    1. There are so few bassoon jokes.
Five reasons not to:
    5. It takes so long to set up.
    4. Reeds are so expensive.
    3. Nobody hears you.
    2. Being barred from jazz band.
    1. Just try fitting it on a bus.

True Story: Two bassoonists played together in a high school band. Whenever one found out that the other was doing an extracurricular band activity, the first question always asked was, "What instrument?"