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Quotes For Msn Ect..

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This is a great site for quotes!! just click here and you will go there! its awsome!

this is great

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain; 
in order to love you gotta risk the pain.
You don't realize how much you care about someone until
 they don't care about you.
She makes you fall head over heels and I can't even 
make you stumble. 
I realize I'm in one of those stages where I'm mad at 
the world, I'm like daring the world to push me off a 
cliff...just to see if I can fly.
Love has no age limit. You dont have to be 21 to love.
 I mean when I was 3, I loved my teddy bear. 
The only difference now is my teddy bear is about 6'3,
 with brown hair and brown eyes. He can walk, talk, and 
this teddy bear loves me back. 
Screw the past, itll only make you sad.
I know there is a rainbow 4 me to follow 2 get beyond my
 sorrow Thunder precedes the sunlight So Ill b alright 
If I can find that rainbow's end 
Someone should sue Disney for planting the ideas in
 little kids heads that every girl has a prince and
 everything ends up happily ever after.
I'm not over you because I don't like you anymore, 
I'm over you because I've realized that you're never
 going to want me like I want you. 
Why did I have to fall for you when you just keep
 falling for her?
We don't stop loving someone, we simply learn to live
 without them.
Sometimes I look at you and wonder who are you 
thinking of when you smile at me.
Screw Twizzlers. I'll make ur mouth happy!
Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again....skinned 
knees are easier to fix than broken hearts!
***everyones entitled to be stupid but you are 
abusing the priviledge***
Did u fall down the ugly tree and hit every branch 
on your way down!
Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
This time its over Im keeping my heart Im gunna be strong & 
not fall apart Itll get better Ill no longer cry In a 
couple of weeks I wont want 2 die I wont want 2 go back 
Ill be able 2 sleep It wont hurt so bad & it wont feel 
so deep
I'm convincing myself, yes I'll find some1 new, I won't be alone, & 
I won't be w/you .. You're waiting 4me,2crawl back to ur side  but no..not
 this time, I'm keeping my pride .. So goodbye 4ever, I'll be on my way, 
It's gonna take time, but I'll be okay
''Born with no soul, lack of control, cut
 from the mold of the anti-social.''

There are easier things in life than finding a good man.  Nailing

Jell-O to a tree, for instance.


If it were supposed to feel good they wouldn't call it a crush.  

i dOn'T sWiM iN YoUr ToiLeT sO DoN't pEe iN My pOoL!
Honk if you love Britney Spears, then drive your 
car into the nearest tree!
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Your village just called, their missing their idiot!
Never try to teach a pig to sing... it will just 
waste your time and annoy the pig!
"When one door closes, Another one opens, Sometimes 
We look so long at the closed door, We don't see the
 one that has opened..."
I always thought the barney song was full of it... 
then i met u and the song was true.
Even if the voices are not real, they have some good 
act your age and not your shoe size
*I'm nOt a DiTz..I jUsT LaCk cOmMoN sEnSe*
How come you have enough time to go out and make 
other people fall in love with you, but you don't 
have enough time to pay attention to the one who 
already does
Mirrors don't talk and lucky for you they don't laugh!
Three words-Nine letters-One meaning~I Hate *Nsync
If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always 
land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast 
on the back of a cat and drop it?
E []V[] [] []\[] E []V[]
I'm not a COMPLETE IDIOT, some parts are missing
DoNt UpSeT mE iM rUnNiNg OuT oF pLaCeS tO hIdE dA bodies
If You Blame Others For Your Failures, Do U Credit 
Them For Your Achievements??
wo wo wo wo wo wo the police are coming cuz ur so stupid
A fly cant bird......but a bird can fly....think about it!
My mother told me not to talk to strangers. I never 
talk to myself anymore.
*:. my mom told to me never take candy from strangers, 
but strangers have the best darn candy! .:*:.
~*Boys are bad, throw rocks at them all*~
I'm Blonde, what's ur excuse?
My imagionary friend thinks you have serious mental 
Don't judge what your small mind cannot comprehend.


You! off my planet


Just cause your not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to

get you!


Its worse than you think, they ARE out to get you!


It's not "When Wild Animals Attack!"
It's more like "When Stupid People Get Bit!"


If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a watergun
and squirt it into other peoples eyes!

i knew the something was wrong when my imagonary friends
 would not play with me
You're just jealous cuz the little voices talk to me


Dont interupt me when I'm talking to myself.


The voices in my head don't like you.


I N V U 4 U R A Q T

Boys should where caution signs that say
"capable of breaking hearts" cuz some
people find that out the hard way


  -If they say TV's so bad for you then why
do they have one in every hospital room?-


If tomorrow is going to be twice as cold as it is today, and if today is 0 degrees, how cold will it be tomorrow?

-Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow,
and when I woke up the pillow was gone.-
When companies ship Styrofoam, what do they pack it in?
Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
Why do they report power outages on TV?
Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid 
someone will clean them?
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or
If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 
why are there locks on the doors?
If nothing ever sticks to Teflon, how do they
 make Teflon stick to the pan?
You know that little indestructible black box that 
is used on planes--why can't they make the whole plane
 out of the same substance?